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Product Categories

Product Categories

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Macadamia Multi-Packs Online SalesMacadamia Multi-Packs Online Sales
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The perfect gift! Choose from our assortment of carefully curated hampers, and surprise the ones you love with a gift they’ll remember.

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Flavoured Snacks Online SalesFlavoured Snacks Online Sales
Raw Macadamia in Shell Online SalesRaw Macadamia in Shell Online SalesThese raw macadamias have been left with their shell on, straight from nature. 
Flavoured Macadamia Snacks

Flavoured Macadamia Snacks

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Caramel  Macadamia  Fudge 150gCaramel Macadamia Fudge 150g
Cookies & Cream Macadamia 200gCookies & Cream Macadamia 200g
Dark Chocolate Coffee Beans BB 150gDark Chocolate Coffee Beans BB 150g
Dark Chocolate Macadamias SUP  75gDark Chocolate Macadamias SUP 75g
Dark Chocolate Macadamias SUP 200gDark Chocolate Macadamias SUP 200g
Dark Chocolate Macadamias SUP 750gDark Chocolate Macadamias SUP 750g
Dark Chocolate Panned Ginger BB150gDark Chocolate Panned Ginger BB150g
Lamington Chocolate Macadamias 200gLamington Chocolate Macadamias 200g
Macadamia  Rock Road Clear Bag 100gMacadamia Rock Road Clear Bag 100g
Macadamia Brittle BB 150gMacadamia Brittle BB 150g
Macadamia Crunch 100gMacadamia Crunch 100g
Macadamia Shortbread 175gMacadamia Shortbread 175g
 a delicious pure butter shortbread
product of Australia
Maple Pancake Macadamias 200gMaple Pancake Macadamias 200g
Milk Chocolate  Macadamias 12kgMilk Chocolate Macadamias 12kg
Milk Chocolate  Macadamias SUP  75gMilk Chocolate Macadamias SUP 75g
Milk Chocolate  Macadamias SUP 200gMilk Chocolate Macadamias SUP 200g
Milk Chocolate  Macadamias SUP 750gMilk Chocolate Macadamias SUP 750g
Milk Chocolate  Raspberry Jellies  200gMilk Chocolate Raspberry Jellies 200g

Milk Chocolate Strawberries BB 150gMilk Chocolate Strawberries BB 150g
Salted Caramel Chocolate Macadamias 200gSalted Caramel Chocolate Macadamias 200g
Trio Macadamias 200gTrio Macadamias 200g


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